Flights Operated by Comair

Comair has operated 2 of my flights.

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570 total miles (917 km) · See a list of these flights

Airlines with Flights Operated by Comair

# Airline Code Flights
1 DALDelta DL
1 airline

Aircraft Operated by Comair

# Aircraft Family Flights
1 Canadair CRJ-200
Canadair CRJ-700/900
2 aircraft families

Classes Flown on Flights Operated by Comair

# Quality Travel Class Flights
1 1 out of 5 stars Economy
Standard main cabin seat

Longest and Shortest Routes Operated by Comair

Longest Route ATLPHF 507 mi
Shortest Route CVGDAY 63 mi

Comair’s Fleet

None of my flights operated by Comair have recorded fleet numbers.

List of Flights Operated by Comair

# Flight Route Departure
1 DALDelta 5270 DAY CVG 22 Mar 2001
2 DALDelta 5307 ATL PHF 27 May 2009
2 flights (0.2% of all flights)