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Air Berlin

I have flown 1 flight on Air Berlin.

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232 total miles (373 km) · See a list of these flights

Aircraft Flown on Air Berlin

# Aircraft Family Flights
1 de Havilland Canada Dash 8
1 aircraft family

Operators for Air Berlin Flights

In many cases, an airline subcontracts another airline to operate flights for them. However, all of these flights were operated by Air Berlin.

Classes Flown on Air Berlin

# Quality Travel Class Flights
1 2 out of 5 stars Economy Extra
Economy with extra legroom

Longest and Shortest Routes Flown on Air Berlin

Longest Route NUETXL 232 mi
Shortest Route NUETXL 232 mi

Air Berlin Flight List

# Flight Route Departure
1 Air-BerlinAir Berlin 6414 NUE TXL 26 Mar 2016
1 flight (0.1% of all flights)