Hawaiian Airlines

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432 total miles · 695 km · See a list of these flights

Aircraft Flown on Hawaiian Airlines

# Aircraft Family Flights
1 Boeing 717 2
1 aircraft family

Operators for Hawaiian Airlines Flights

In many cases, an airline subcontracts another airline to operate flights for them. However, all of these flights were operated by Hawaiian Airlines.

Classes Flown on Hawaiian Airlines

# Quality Travel Class Flights
1 1 out of 5 stars Economy
Standard main cabin seat

Longest and Shortest Routes Flown on Hawaiian Airlines

Longest Route HNLITO 216 mi 347 km
Shortest Route HNLITO 216 mi 347 km

Hawaiian Airlines Flight List

# Flight Route Departure
1 Hawaiian-AirlinesHawaiian Airlines 182 HNL ITO 23 Aug 2013
2 Hawaiian-AirlinesHawaiian Airlines 291 ITO HNL 24 Aug 2013
2 flights (0.2% of all flights)