American Airlines #4XN

American Airlines #4XN has been the aircraft for 1 of my flights.

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Airlines with Flights Operated as AA #4XN

# Airline Code Flights
1 AALAmerican Airlines AA
1 airline

Aircraft Operated as AA #4XN

# Aircraft Family Flights
1 McDonnell Douglas MD-80
1 aircraft family

Classes Flown on AA #4XN

# Quality Travel Class Flights
1 4 out of 5 stars Business
Highest class on planes without separate First and Business

Longest and Shortest Routes Flown on AA #4XN

Longest Route DFWDFW 0 mi
Shortest Route DFWDFW 0 mi
Shortest Net Distance DFWDFW 0 mi

AA #4XN Flight List

# Flight Route Departure Aircraft Tail Number
1 AALAmerican Airlines 1432 DFW DFW 15 Feb 2013 M83 N9627R
1 flight (0.1% of all flights)