Flights Operated by Air Canada

Air Canada has operated 2 of my flights.

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6,204 total miles (9,984 km) · See a list of these flights

Airlines with Flights Operated by Air Canada

# Airline Code Flights
1 ACAAir Canada AC
1 airline

Aircraft Operated by Air Canada

# Aircraft Family Flights
1 Airbus A330
Boeing 777
2 aircraft families

Classes Flown on Flights Operated by Air Canada

# Quality Travel Class Flights
1 1 out of 5 stars Economy
Standard main cabin seat
3 out of 5 stars Premium Economy
Economy with extra legroom and seat width

Longest and Shortest Routes Operated by Air Canada

Longest Route MUCYYZ 4,126 mi
Shortest Route YVRYYZ 2,078 mi

Air Canada’s Fleet

Fleet Number Aircraft Family
ACA#747 777-300
ACA#933 A330-300

List of Flights Operated by Air Canada

# Flight Route Departure
1 ACAAir Canada 162 YVR YYZ 23 Jul 2015
2 ACAAir Canada 846 YYZ MUC 19 Mar 2016
2 flights (0.2% of all flights)