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Reykjavík  Keflavík

I have visited KEF/BIKF 2 times.

4,328 total miles (6,965 km) · See a list of these flights

Direct Flight Airports for KEF

These are the airports with which Iʼve had a direct flight from or to KEF.

# City Code Distance Flights
1 Chicago  O’Hare ORD
2,936 mi
Paris  Charles de Gaulle CDG
1,392 mi
2 direct flight airports

Airlines Using KEF

# Airline Code Flights
1 ICEIcelandair FI
1 airline

Operators Using KEF

In many cases, an airline subcontracts another airline to operate flights for them. However, all of these flights were operated by their advertised airline.

Aircraft Using KEF

# Aircraft Family Flights
1 Boeing 757
1 aircraft family

Classes Flown to or from KEF

# Quality Travel Class Flights
1 1 out of 5 stars Economy
Standard main cabin seat

Trips and Sections Using KEF

Trips with a KEF Visit

Trip Sections with a KEF Visit

Trip and Section Details

# Trip Section Departure
1 Europe and Tulsa 2 Apr 2016
1 trip, 2 sections

KEF Flight List

# Flight Route Departure
1 ICEIcelandair 543 CDG KEF 2 Apr 2016
2 ICEIcelandair 853 KEF ORD 3 Apr 2016
2 flights (0.2% of all flights) · 2 visits

The number of flights using an airport may not be the same as the number of visits to that airport. Each time I used an airport as a layover, it counted as two flights but only one visit.

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