59.65194° N 17.91861° E

Stockholm  Arlanda

I have visited ARN/ESSA 2 times.

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1,578 total miles (2,539 km) · See a list of these flights

Direct Flight Airports for ARN

These are the airports with which Iʼve had a direct flight from or to ARN.

# City Route Distance Flights
1 Helsinki HELARN 247miles397km 1
Reykjavík  Keflavík KEFARN 1,331miles2,142km 1
2 direct flight airports

Airlines Using ARN

# Airline Code Flights
1 FinnairFinnair AY 1
IcelandairIcelandair FI 1
2 airlines

Operators Using ARN

# Airline Code Flights
1 IcelandairIcelandair FI 1
Nordic-Regional-AirlinesNordic Regional Airlines N7 1
2 operators

Aircraft Using ARN

# Aircraft Family Flights
1 Boeing 757 1
Embraer E-Jet 1
2 aircraft families

Classes Flown to or from ARN

# Quality Travel Class Flights
1 1 out of 5 stars Economy
Standard main cabin seat

Trips and Sections Using ARN

Trips with a ARN Visit

Trip Sections with a ARN Visit

Trip and Section Details

# Trip Section Departure
1 Europe 2019 19 Aug 2019
1 trip, 2 sections

ARN Flight List

# Flight Route Departure
1 FinnairFinnair 807 HEL ARN 19 Aug 2019
2 IcelandairIcelandair 307 ARN KEF 26 Aug 2019
2 flights (0.2% of all flights)

The number of flights using an airport may not be the same as the number of visits to that airport. Each time I used an airport as a layover, it counted as two flights but only one visit.

Terminal Silhouette

Terminal silhouette created by Paul Bogard