Oklahoma City, OK

The return section was originally scheduled for OKC-DEN-DAY; however, the OKC-DEN segment was delayed by the incoming aircraft from IAH, causing me to miss the only DEN-DAY flight that day.

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2,915 total miles (4,691 km)

Section Flight Route Departure
Section 1
DeltaDelta 3753 DAY DTW 29 Apr 2013
DeltaDelta 3397 DTW OKC 29 Apr 2013
Section 2
UnitedUnited 6139 OKC DEN 3 May 2013
UnitedUnited 4577 DEN CLE 3 May 2013
UnitedUnited 5022 CLE DAY 3 May 2013
5 flights (0.6% of all flights)