PAX East 2013

DAY-DFW-BOS is an odd route, but I bought the tickets on frequent flier miles, and that was the only route I could get on the date I needed.

Map of flight routes, created by Paul Bogard’s Flight Historian
Map generated by Great Circle Mapper

3,173 total miles (5,106 km)

Section Flight Route Departure
Section 1
American-AirlinesAmerican Airlines 423 DAY DFW 21 Mar 2013
American-AirlinesAmerican Airlines 642 DFW BOS 21 Mar 2013
Section 2
US-AirwaysUS Airways 1635 BOS PHL 25 Mar 2013
US-AirwaysUS Airways 2365 PHL DAY 25 Mar 2013
4 flights (0.5% of all flights)