Altus, OK

A stuck cargo door on my LAW-DFW flight caused us to be delayed enough that I missed my connection to CLT. I got put on a later one, but it didn't land until 22:45, so I had to stay overnight and get a flight to CMH in the morning.

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2,482 total miles (3,994 km)

Section Flight Route Departure
Section 1
American-AirlinesAmerican Airlines 2263 CMH DFW 6 Oct 2014
American-AirlinesAmerican Airlines 2526 DFW LAW 6 Oct 2014
Section 2
American-AirlinesAmerican Airlines 2506 LAW DFW 10 Oct 2014
American-AirlinesAmerican Airlines 2238 DFW CLT 10 Oct 2014
Section 3 US-AirwaysUS Airways 5465 CLT CMH 11 Oct 2014
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