Charleston, SC

My first three trips to Charleston (starting with this one), all scheduled on United, coincided with the merging of United's and Continental's reservation systems - so I had a lot of flight delays and cancellations leading to flight and even airline changes. The three trips had twelve flights, and six of those United ended up putting me on a different airline.

Map of flight routes
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1,346 total miles (2,166 km)

Section Flight Route Departure
Section 1
UALUnited 3334 DAY IAD 20 Feb 2012
UALUnited 5768 IAD CHS 20 Feb 2012
Section 2
AWEUS Airways 2686 CHS CLT 23 Feb 2012
AWEUS Airways 2269 CLT DAY 23 Feb 2012
4 flights (0.5% of all flights)