Salt Lake City, UT

Continuing my tradition of bad rental car experiences at SLC, a thunderstorm near DFW forced my DFW-SLC flight to reroute and divert for fuel, meaning I arrived a few hours late. I forgot to call the rental agency, so the only car they had left was an Aveo with power nothing - and I'm 6'4" tall.

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3,694 total miles (5,944 km)

Section Flight Route Departure
Section 1
AALAmerican Airlines 3260 DAY DFW 14 Jun 2010
AALAmerican Airlines 529 DFW SLC 14 Jun 2010
Section 2
AALAmerican Airlines 865 SLC DFW 17 Jun 2010
AALAmerican Airlines 1822 DFW DAY 17 Jun 2010
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