Wichita Without Washington

Due to weather/maintenance flight cancellations in section 1, departure changed from 14 to 15 May. Due to weather and maintenance delays on 20 May, spent the night in Dallas and cancelled the DC portion of the trip, returning home to Dayton instead.

Map of flight routes, created by Paul Bogard’s Flight Historian
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2,378 total miles (3,827 km)

Section Flight Route Departure
Section 1
AALAmerican Airlines 3350 DAY DFW 15 May 2018
AALAmerican Airlines 138 DFW ICT 15 May 2018
Section 2 AALAmerican Airlines 1108 ICT DFW 20 May 2018
Section 3 AALAmerican Airlines 3460 DFW DAY 21 May 2018
4 flights (0.5% of all flights)