Austin, TX

I had immense difficulties on this trip avoiding planes that were on fire. While taxiing at DFW to depart for Austin, the captain calmly announced that the plane on fire out the window was nothing to be concerned about; they were conducting fire department training by setting an old plane on fire. On the return section, my DFW-DAY flight had to return to DFW due to electrical problems; we deplaned and saw that five fire trucks had followed our plane back to the gate. At least I knew they'd been trained recently.

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2 100 total miles · 3 379 km
Section Flight Route Departure
Section 1
American-AirlinesAmerican Airlines 423 DAY DFW 11 Feb 2013
American-AirlinesAmerican Airlines 1573 DFW AUS 11 Feb 2013
Section 2
American-AirlinesAmerican Airlines 864 AUS DFW 15 Feb 2013
American-AirlinesAmerican Airlines 1432 DFW DFW 15 Feb 2013
American-AirlinesAmerican Airlines 1432 DFW DAY 15 Feb 2013
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